Yoga and Pilates – a true Union?

dreamstime_xl_61370069As a Pilates teacher who also loves practising yoga, I have been faced with a dilemma for some time…should I and/or can I also teach yoga alongside Pilates when the two disciplines are so different? How will that work, and what compromises will I have to make?

The only way to find out was to undergo some yoga training and with this complete, I have now decided to offer some Fitness Yoga classes.

These classes will still be very much focussed on core control and strength but will incorporate familiar yoga asanas or postures that you will encounter in most yoga classes. This will make the class more accessible to a wider range of people and aligns well with the principles of Iyengar Yoga which focusses on precision and alignment. We will also do the Sun Salutation sequence which is flowing series of exercises that are designed to invigorate the body and focus the mind.

Just like in a pilates class,  I will be using equipment to aid learning and support the body, as well as offering lots of adaptions to ensure you, as the client, can participate fully and enjoy the sessions whilst at the same time, strengthening and lengthening your body.

So if you thought yoga wasn’t for you in the past and want to try my classes, think again!


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