My Yoga classes are Fitness Yoga classes which means they are designed to be accessible to all and just focus on two aspects of traditional yoga – the Asanas or Postures & the Pranayama or Breathing.

Yoga is a complex and varied discipline and has several Gurus who lead on different styles of yoga. I have chosen to fuse some of these style to create a functional and physical yoga class which will encourage flexibility and a good range of joint movement as well as great benefits to both the body and the mind.

dreamstime_xl_19987380Classes will begin with a simple warm up and will then progress through some Sun Salutations (see image) which are taken from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Sun salutations are an ideal warm up as they elevate the heart rate and introduce movement throughout the body. They can be performed at your own pace following your own breath but follow a sequence that is repeated up to 5 times.

From these, the class moves into practising some of the classic Asanas or Postures that will allow students to explore their bodies in a way that unites the mind and body. These asanas will be based on the Iyengar Yoga which seeks to focus on alignment and steadiness in a posture, encouraging ease and relaxation. At the same time we will be building strength and improving flexibility. How long you hold the postures is a personal choice but I will encourage participants to use the breath to decide. Sometimes it might feel appropriate to hold a pose for only 30 seconds, other times it may be up to a 2 minutes depending on how your body is feeling.

At the end of each class there is a period of relaxation in Savasana or Corpse pose where we allow the body to rest and the energy to flow by lying on the mat and closing our eyes.

We will use props to allow the body to find a comfortable posture and there are plenty of modifications so that all participants can benefit from the session.

Breathing is an important part of the Yoga discipline and can help the body to relax but also ease the body into the postures without discomfort. We will use the breath throughout the class to help participants get the most out of their practise.



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