Achieve a stronger core with Pilates Trainer Why get a Personal Trainer, when you can get a Pilates Trainer!

Are you aiming to develop core strength to enhance your current training programme?

Are you looking to improve your posture and improve overall mobility & flexibility?

Has your health professional suggested Pilates as a solution to injury recovery?

Are you looking for a mindful workout where you can tune in to your body’s needs?

Not just another mat-based Pilates session, 1:1 sessions give you the chance to develop your own programme with the help of a variety of fun and challenging small equipment (e.g. stability balls, foam rollers, wobble boards, resistance bands & magic circles) to ensure you and your body stay focused and engaged whatever your goal.

1:1 Pilates trainer sessions take place when and where it suits you, so that you can easily fit the programme in around your schedule.


Ideal for:

  • anyone who needs a bespoke solution to their exercise needs
  • he/she who is looking to improve their core strength and lengthen and tone their body.
  • clients with certain medical conditions where low impact, gentle exercise has been recommended
  • those whose health professional has identified pilates as a suitable low impact exercise choice after injury
  • someone wishing to nurture their health and wellbeing and carve out some me time in the comfort of their own home
  • the person who has everything (and yet still needs a Birthday present!!)


Private training sessions last an hour.  They take place in the comfort of your own home, although other venues may also be available at an additional cost.

Hours available for PT sessions are subject to availability so please enquire before purchase.

Minimum of 3 sessions are to booked at a time to ensure that you benefit from the programme designed.

£95 per block of 3.

Why not get together with a friend and do a 2:1 PT session? Nothing like having a partner to help motivate you!