One to One


Do you have a specific goal for your Pilates journey?

If so, the best place to start would be with a 1:1 Postural Assessment & Induction

We are all different and we have developed physically throughout our lives in a way that is unique to us. Some of us come to Pilates for fitness, others due to health conditions, many just to relax and have some me time.

Ideally, before joining any Pilates class, an Instructor needs to understand a bit more about a client – their goals, lifestyle and also health.  This involves a 1:1 session with a client so that all these aspects of their life can be explored and will normally take an hour.

Typically it will involve a brief examination of your postural type and core strength. We can also discuss any specific health issues you may have in order to better understand your needs.  There will then follow a 45 minute fundamental session introducing you to the Pilates Principles and some of the exercises.

A short programme of Pilates exercises will also be supplied tailored to your requirements after the session for you to keep and to sart you on your journey. From here you can decide to stay with One to One sessions through the Pilates Trainer programme, or can access either a Fundamental or Specialist Class depending on suitability.

Availability, Cost & Venue:

We offer these 1:1 sessions at £45 per hour. They can be held in a number of locations, including your own home, so please enquire on 07980 527805.

We recommend either the Beginners Induction Session or this 1:1 Postural Assessment & Induction for clients who already have an identified back problem or are identified as having a medical condition that makes a general group class unsuitable. Read more here.


Don’t forget we also offer Beginners Induction Sessions



For those of you who chose not to, or cannot, attend a 1:1 session you will be required to complete and sign a Par-Q (Physical Assessment Readiness Questionnaire) to ensure that we are aware of any basic heath issues and can adapt a programme accordingly.  Please ask for this form when you call or complete it online.


Tips on how to find neutral pelvis can be found here.