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Balance My World Pilates Mums & Baby Class

Pilates is a great way to restore your body’s natural alignment after having a baby.

And what better than a class where you can bring your baby so you don’t have to worry about leaving him or her with someone else.

How does it help?

We know pregnancy can change the shape and behaviour of your back. resulting in your lower back flattening slightly, or if you had an arched lower back before pregnancy, it may arch further. Pilates, then, will support your body to return to its natural alignment.

It can also support your back during those early years when as a new parent you are carrying your baby, lugging car seats, lifting prams out of the boot, carrying in all the shopping, and all the other things a new mum or dad does!  Finding a good posture for breastfeeding can also be a challenge as I recall!

How does the class work?

Whilst this is not a post-natal class, it is a gentle Pilates class suitable for all, but with the added benefit that no child care is required as these classes are for mums or dads to attend with their babies (pre-crawlers!).

If your baby arrives asleep then leave them to snooze while you enjoy the class, but if they are awake, then have then nearby either on your mat or next to it where they can see you. You can even have the option of allowing them to do some of the movements with you!

Of course, if your baby needs you, then feel free to take a seat and see to their needs and then rejoin the class when you can.

We provide the mats, so you just need to bring a small rug for your baby to lie on next to you. We find car seats are also good so your baby can be nearby even if they are asleep, but the room has plenty of space so prams are also fine!



The next 6 week block is yet to be confirmed. Please get in touch to register your interest by texting 07980 527805 or email


TBC Ryde


£6 per 45minute  session

Booking is essential and payment of £36 must be made in advance for a 6 week block.

General advice suggests that you should wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth  (longer after a Caesarean) before considering returning to exercise. As a result please consult with your doctor before undertaking this class to ensure that you and your body are ready.


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