Chair Exercise Classes




The Chair Exercise Classes have been designed for those who have balance issues or who simply aren’t up to a mat-based class for whatever reason. They are ideal for older people and those who want to progress on to more challenging Pilates classes at a later stage.

Exercises are carried out on a chair (or stability ball) and follow the Pilates Principles just like a mat-based class with exercises being modified or adapted as necessary. The session aims to cover as many of the large muscles groups as possible, but all done from the comfort of a chair!! As a result it is a more gentle approach to Pilates.

To make the sessions more interactive and fun, we will be using various Pilates equipment to challenge the body and ensure that the core is fully worked.


Class Times:

Fridays  2.00pm



Eric Warner Centre, St Johns Road, Ryde


£5 per session

Booking is essential, so please contact 07980 527805 to enquire.