Back or Health Issues?



If you have an injury, illness, medical condition, or are pregnant or just had a baby, some of our exercises might not be right for you. Since many conditions are invisible even to our teachers’ trained eyes, please let each teacher know about any injuries or illnesses prior to the start of class.


Balance My World Pilates group classes are not appropriate for several medical conditions without significant modifications and therefore we recommend a number of options:


1:1 Postural Assessment & Induction

This is an opportunity to talk about your health condition, assess your postural type and then introduce you to the Pilates programme in a way that is meaningful to you and your body. We can also consider what goals you hope to achieve for your health and wellbeing and create a programme for you to get started at home.

Cost: £45

Beginners Induction

This is a more cost effective option, ideal for those who have never done Pilate and have a condition that requires them to fully understand the Pilates Principles prior to moving on to a Fundamental Class.  Shorter than a full 1:1 it offers an introduction to how your body will benefit from Pilates.

Cost: £30

Fundamental Classes

After you have undergone either of the above options, you are then ready to join a Fundamentals Class to ensure you develop your Pilates expertise before progressing on to larger group classes.

Cost £7.50 per session which must be prepaid as £45 for a 6 week block.


For more information about Contraindications, please read here  or call  07980 527805 for further information

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