Secret Pilates!

    Shopping can be a chore at the best of times, and carrying heavy bags can cause back problems, so why not try and turn it into a useful opportunity to improve your posture! Shopping today with a loaded trolley I became aware of my posture and decided to take action. Firstly, to improve my upper body posture  I… Read more →

Pilates – The Wonder Drug for those Living with Cancer

  Every year in the UK hundreds of millions of pounds is spent on drugs to help prevent and treat cancer but according to Macmillan Cancer Support there is another  ‘wonder drug’ that is low cost and can significantly help prevent cancer recurrence and also other long-term illnesses. What is it? Exercise As Macmillan Cancer Support writes “Until recently cancer was… Read more →

Joining the team at Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies

  I am delighted to announce that I will be joing the team at Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies from December to deliver a range of Pilates services to existing and new patients of the Clinic. Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies is an established and professional clinic that has been meeting the needs of its patients in Ryde for over… Read more →

Chair Exercise Classes in Ryde

      I was approached to deliver these classes as there is a local demand, so I am pleased to announce they commence from November 2015 here in Ryde. These classes are ideal for those who perhaps have balance issues, or simply are not ready to do a mat-based class just yet. They provide an ideal opportunity to engage… Read more →

How to find Neutral Pelvis

In Pilates, we promote neutral pelvis and neutral spine, because when the body is aligned in this way, it relieves pressure on the joints, and it encourages the muscles to be balanced throughout. Therefore, when we perform exercises we are working the muscles appropriately and safely without putting undue strain on the joints and tendons. How to find neutral pelvis… Read more →

Fitness & Wellbeing Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now

Excited to announce a fundraising event this Saturday 24 October in Ryde to raise money for Breast Cancer Now #wearitpink as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 10am Zumba 11am Pilates 12pm Restorative Yoga 1pm Yoga & Meditation Venue : Eric Warner Centre, St John’s Road, Ryde PO33 2RL. (top of High Street, turn left). Pink attire positively encouraged. Entry… Read more →