This class is for those who have a good standard of fitness and like a challenge. We begin with exercises from the classical repertoire, but then incorporate some of the more advanced exercises that are not suitable for a mixed ability class.

Expect to sweat and be philosophical if your body finds it difficult! There is no-one in the class who can carry out the exercises with ease, so don’t feel intimidated!  The class definitely is more of a “have a go” session with much huffing and puffing!

Those who have attend really enjoy the physical challenge and feel like they have definitely worked out when they leave.


Class time: Fridays 9.00am Eric Warner Centre, Ryde.

Cost £36 for a 6 week block, £7.50 drop in.

Please note if you do have injuries, it doesn’t automatically exclude you from taking part, but you do need to tell the instructor and recognise that some of the exercises may not be suitable. An alternative or a modification will be given in these circumstances.

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